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If you free slots then get ready to take a trip out into the stars in this one!

Take a trip out into an alternate universe in the online slot Cosmic Reels from developer MetaGU. Most slots nowadays are incredibly drab and offer nothing but boredom when played repeatedly. In Cosmic Reels you are given the opposite end of the spectrum.

If you are someone who enjoys a litany of bright and colourful visuals that spiral out through the screen, well, we have the slot just for you. A 10 line game that always keeps you on your toes, what’s not to like? Be sure to check out the rest of our review below to find out more? There’s a lot to get into so we would advise you do.

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About The Developers

Meta Games Universal, or MetaGU for short, have always been at the forefront of cutting edge online slots. This UK based developer is responsible for some of the most played best online slots uk going today. What makes these guys special is their ability to turn a basic slot into an instant hit; something that is deemed difficult in todays online slot landscape, where Irish themed slots reign supreme in terms of which slots are being played the most.

If you are looking for a developer who are clearly worthy of your time and attention then you should be playing any of the offerings from MetaGU.

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About The Game

Cosmic Reels is a pay by mobile slots that marches to the sounds of its own colourful drum. Everything in this slot is expertly done, from the bright and colourful reels, to the gameplay elements that you will experience during the heat of regular gameplay. In terms of additional features there is a tonne of options for you to choose from. Yes, there are your more standard wild and scatters, but did you also know that some of these symbols can be re-spun at random intervals when won?

There is an emphasis on multiple different wild symbols in this slot, which works perfectly alongside the appearance of this slot as it gives you many different opportunities to come out with the highest possible scores imaginable. If you are wanting to come out on top you will be wanting to utilise the free spins and re-spins primarily.

In terms of look and feel, there is an emphasis on bright colours. Some will take one look at this slot and will write it off as something to be avoided in case of harbouring a headache. If you miss out on this slot then you are certainly missing out, as there is a massive x2000 jackpot bonus to unlock. Those that play this slot repeatedly will find that they have a much more fun a time.

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Cosmic Reels is a slot that is always going to provide intrigue with each and every spin. Slots that tend to have a lot of replay value like this one will always keep players in the loop. This is a slot that can be played for days on end, which is perfect in making you the most money possible!

Play Cosmic Reels now. If you enjoyed this cosmic experience then you should also have a look at Cosmic Fusion slot.