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Any of you out there who are big fans of space themed slots that takes you out into the farthest reaches of space will find that Cosmic Fusion has everything you could ever want in an online slot and more. In Cosmic Fortune anything is possible, which is what makes the theme of space such a popular one to begin with.

We can only imagine what lies out in space, which is why slots such as this one can capture your imagination in all of the best ways. This 5 reel by 10 line slot is a very basic one to grasp, and one that will always keep players interests at heart. If you are someone who has played any number of Leander’s previous slots then you will know just how good they are. Be sure to check out the rest of our daily free spins too!

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About the Developer

What could we tell you about developer Leander Games? Well we could tell you that they have worked tirelessly in giving players the most memorable experiences possible over countless online slot titles.

Leander are a recognisable name in the online slot industry, but only due to their commitment and list of online slots that all seem to tackle multiple different themes and concepts. You will not find a more inspirational developer going today.

If you are someone who actively goes out of their way to find the best slots for you. Active experimentation is highly encouraged with this dev team, which is probable why their slots are so memorable.

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About the Game

As we have already mentioned, this slot is incredibly simple to grasp. What you see on these reels are very pretty to stand and gawk at, but you need to step up and give your full attention to this one if you want to make the most money possible.

This slot was only released in August of 2018, so it is quite early in its lifecycle, but don’t let that take away from the face that there is a lot to be excited about, including the very high RTP percentage which should earn players the most money possible with every passing spin.

So what can you expect in the features considering this slot doesn’t have an awful lot going on? Well wilds are featured dominantly here as the best way of earning the highest scores possible.

Wilds will substitute for all other symbols but the scatter normally, but in this one wilds will simply expand when matched on the reels meaning you will earn even more with every victory.

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The Verdict

Cosmic Fusion is a trip out into the stars, a space epic as we mentioned. A very simple slot to grasp yes, but is it fun? Of course it is, play now and find out for yourself why we keep raving about it. If you like cosmic experiences then you should also check out Cosmic Crystals slot.