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European Roulette NetEnt

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European Roulette is a fun game of chance that has been around since the 18th century, yet is still a game that has enraptured us all with its multiple mysterious ways of winning.; make sure you check it out on Mega Reel spin slots site!

Summary of European Roulette

This game has become an essential standard in all casino houses and a bit of a status symbol for those who know how it is played. These are all big reasons which make European Roulette a favourite across the globe, as well as being an exciting game to play and win with. Ruled by chance, roulette is not a game to play if you are faint of heart. Roulette can be played in many variations, however European Roulette is the most popular to play in the world; if you prefer slot games though nothing to worry about.

One of the things that makes European Roulette stand out from the other versions that you can find in the casinos is that the rules are a little bit different to the other standard versions available. For example, ‘la partage’ is a rule whereby the player can lose half of the total bet if the roulette ball hits nil outside. There is also the ‘en prison’ rule, which means that if a player hits zero then the bet is held and only given back when the player hits the same number on the next spin. So therefore, unlike with other versions of European Roulette you will find in the casinos and even in the online casinos, it is truly a real game of chance.

Another great thing about Roulette European is that there is basically no difference in the fun and excitement you can feel whether you choose to play Roulette with an online casino or in house. In any case, no matter which way you choose to play European Roulette whether it is from an online casino or in the physical casino itself, how it is played remains the same. With roulette, there is a dealer who will spin the wheel and then the ball will go off in the opposite direction of that which the wheel has been spun. This movement makes a great hypnotic effect of the wheel as it becomes an elegant sphere of green, red, and black.

The silver centre and numbers coloured white functions well with the ball as it helps the player or players spot where the ball ends up landing, and transports the player to a world of glamour as they play on for big wins. Nonetheless, Mega Reel also has some of the best card games for you to check!

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About NetEnt – the Developer of European Roulette

When it comes to gaming, especially with online or live casinos, NetEnt have got it on lock down. And they have done for 20 years now. With a tag line that reads, “Digital entertainment is what we do”, NetEnt have been paving the way for online casino gamers and games alike since the company was established 20 years ago.

According to the NetEnt website, they are “a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators”, and they have driven the market with fantastic gaming options which are all powered by their platform. The developers at NetEnt deliver “flexible digital casino solutions” so that people can enjoy their online casino games time after time.

And that is not all. In 2018, NetEnt handled over 44.7 billion gaming transactions and have got 200 online casino games on offer for you to try. As a company, NetEnt places a lot of value on cultural diversity. Global offices include those in Malta, Sweden, Gibraltar, Poland, Ukraine, the UK and the USA, and NetEnt is regulated by gaming authority bodies.

NetEnt recently acquired the gaming software giants Red Tiger for 22 million pounds, and NetEnt continue to go from strength to strength in all of their operating countries.  NetEnt have managed to turn a classic casino game into a riveting one whilst also bringing it bang up to date with brilliant online gameplay. Try out their games with our welcome offer!

European Roulette NetEnt

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About the game and bonus features available in European Roulette

As European Roulette is one of the most famous casino games in the world, it is available in variations of Russian Roulette and American Roulette among all of the others which are out there. The thing with European Roulette though, and why it is one of the most popular versions of Roulette out there to play today is that it has got the best of both worlds for those who play with that version.

It is said that European Roulette is the best of the bunch because there is an equal amount of all of the great things to do with games that we game for.The most fun parts of gaming are the risk, chance, luck and fun that is attached to the play of the game, and as long as a game has all of these components in it you can be certain that the game will be a good one to play and have fun with.

One of the best ways to play European Roulette is through an online casino, which will have 37 slots and one nil and comes with inside or outside bets. The board gameplay is easy to understand and the game itself also holds a hot and cold numbers chart to assist players when they are strategising to win the game and this also shows how many times a particular number has been spun. Play best online slots today!


Last Thoughts on European Roulette

NetEnt have made sure to prioritise the gameplay of roulette over anything else, which is unlike most of the other versions of the game you can find out there. This is an important aspect of European Roulette by NetEnt, especially in the world of online gaming which can sometimes be overran with themes which can take over from the actual fun of the game.

No particular skill is required to play European Roulette which is another aspect which makes it well worth a shot. For more exciting new games check out our site, and maybe check out Wonder Woods slot Slot too!