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The online slots free spins games market has become full of all sorts of slot and casino games. There are some that fill the screen with an interesting theme. There are those that dart around through various bonus stages and there are some that dare to be retro.

Sparkle free slot games online falls into the latter category. It aims to capture the magic of a classic, real world slot game and does so in a wash of multi-coloured goodness. But is that all this slot manages to capture?

Let’s find out.

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Inspired Gaming- developer of Sparkle Slots

Inspired Gaming are a slot games developer that are based in the UK. That means they have plenty of experience with traditional casino games. Plus, they have branched out into mobile slots in recent years. You have may recognised their signature style in slots for mobile such as:

  • Stacked Fire 7’s
  • EGG Spendables
  • Pot Reel King
  • Mega Cops and Robbers
  • 777 Reel King
  • Temple of Osiris

If you are a player that prefers a more classic feel to your slot games, then this is a developer that I think you are going to like. Try out some of their past material at mega reel, the home of slot games with free spins.

So, does Sparkle fit this classic slot game feel? Let’s take a look.

Sparkle Slot Game

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Sparkle Gameplay and Features

To start playing Sparkle slots online the player needs to place a bet anywhere between 0.20 and 100. You might want to factor in the fact that this slot has an RTP rate of 94%. That isn’t as high as other slot games on mega reel but it is still exceptionally high.

There are 3 reels in Sparkle set across a purple background. Spin the reels and see if you can match 3 of the same symbol on one of fifty possible pay lines. These symbols include the sapphire, amethysts, emeralds and a diamond. Things that sparkle.

The most that you stand to win in this main game is 60x your initial bet for matching 3 of the diamonds. But are you looking for more? Perhaps you would like the chance to win some free spins.

Sparkle Slots Online

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Bonus features and Free Spins

Unfortunately, the retro style that the developers went for here means that there are no bonus rounds or special features. The main game is all there is here.

That means no wild symbols or scatters and that sadly means that there are no chances to win some free spins. You will have to venture over to Mega reel, the site for casino games with free spins for that luxury.

It makes sense in a way that the developers would choose to do this. A retro slot game needs retro mechanics and that means no wild and wacky features interrupting the main game. Just pure slot game fun to max out your multiplier.

Since you can bet a maximum of 100 on a spin, and the highest multiplier is 60x that bet, the max jackpot available in Sparkle stands at 6,000. That is quite a lot considering there are no bonus features. What players might discover, however, is that slot gets quite repetitive without that much needed variety.

Sparkle Slot UK

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Final thoughts on Sparkle Slot Game

Sparkle is a slot game that does one thing and one thing well. There are only 3 reels in order to capture that retro feeling that we used to experience in those brick and mortar casinos. The slot game has a nice aesthetic that is easy to interpret and pays out a decent amount.

What holds Sparkle back from being something truly great is its lack of bonus content. It makes long term play feel stale and uninteresting. I mean, would it have killed the developer to add in some free spins?

It is understandable from a retro gaming point of view but there is not much else to talk about with Sparkle slot game. If you like quick and easy to play slots, this is one for you. If you prefer heavy themes or multiple bonus rounds, perhaps you are better off surfing through the library of games on Mega Reel, the home of slot games with free spins like Slingo Riches slot.