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Monkey Madness is a game that combines a lot of popular aspects of the gaming world and rolls them all into one incredibly fun package! Traverse the jungle, solve puzzles, use potions and so much more.

Think of your favorite RPG (role playing game) and combine that with a jungle adventure with daily free spins for slots. Oh, and add in puzzles to boot. Use gold, wool, antiprotons and so much more to uniquely build your character while learning all about Tree Gnome Village.

The Gnome King, King Narode, needs your help once again to find his Royal 10th Squad on the eastern shore of Karamja. With sinister forces spreading throughout the land, it is up to you to find out what the truth is, what are lies and everything in between.

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Monkey Madness Developer - Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

The developer of Monkey Madness mobile casino slot is a tough nut to crack. Going by the alias Rahul V, he was the lead content developer on the game and released Tai Bwo Wannai Trio in September of 2004, just three months before releasing Monkey Madness.

Searching deeper, that is all that can be found of Rahul V. He may have continued developing under another alias or perhaps his real name, but the development trail seems to end with the wondrous Monkey Madness.

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio was clearly a huge inspiration and, possibly, a predecessor to Monkey Madness. It features nearly the same graphics, similar walk-about levels, puzzles and maps where the player can plot out where they'll be taking the adventure to next. It even features a monkey as one of the bosses. And for even more monkey slots, check out the following:

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How to Play Monkey Madness Slots Game

Monkey Madness fits the classic RPG mold in that it feels vast, wide open and there are seemingly an endless amount of things to do inside this world. Similar to many other games on Mega Reel, click here to find more slot games

Not only comprehensive, but also quite difficult, the player has access to maps throughout their quest so that they do not only know where they currently are, but the best location to head to next. Even more than that, you can see the location of enemies, special destinations, supplies and more.

The player not only has to make the right choices throughout the map, but has to equip their character with the right tools and abilities to complete the quests in front of them. Being able to complete specific actions or defeat certain enemies require special abilities that you'll need to discover as you go along in this new online slots

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The Verdict on Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness manages to have an old school RPG feel to it even though, as of this writing, it could be considered old school itself thanks to a December 2004 release date. It has a little bit of a 'Legends of Zelda' flavor, but with a twist and modern technology added in. If you liked it, then you should also try Money Bunny slot.

With puzzles, various quests and a litany of useful tools, objects, potions and abilities to not only enhance your character, but to complete the tasks in front of you, Monkey Madness utilizes what made RPGs a hit in their own right and gives it a unique spin.

If you love a good, long, unique RPG, Monkey Madness is a great play!