Age of Discovery

If exploration and finding unmarked parts of the map are your forte, then Age of Discovery is going to be right up your alley. If you like games like this you can play more MegaReel slots here at Megareel. This exciting adventure slot from the team at Microgaming will turn you into an amateur explorer as you take home your share of hidden treasures in the shape of cash prizes.

Age of Discovery slot game

About the Developer

Microgaming are one of those teams in the industry that have become a household name with their high quality content. Based out of the Isle of Man and originally founded back in 1994, this talented team have arguably cornered the market in premium casino games. Their titles are all innovative, incredibly imaginative and are popular with players all around the globe.

With such a successful track record behind them Microgaming have managed to amass a huge portfolio of over 1,200 individual titles that span a range of themes and styles. If this piqued your interest, then we recommend trying out some of the following:

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Age of Discovery slot screenshot

About the Game

Age of Discovery holds nothing back in its design as everything is focused towards exploration and pushing the boundaries of the known world to find areas not marked on the map. Gulls lazily soar past in the background above a clear blue sky as if tempting you to explore the vast world before you.

Inside the reels are a range of items you would normally associate with exploration of the seas so there’s things like ships, fruit to stave off scurvy, golden coins of some forgotten treasure, sea serpents and sextants. It all blends together really well to create this immersive nautical exploration theme to the slot that sucks you in right from the start.

The design is simple, but it’s perfect for this slot as it lets you focus on the most important aspect of it, the gameplay. Age of Discovery is incredibly easy to play and rounds roll out relatively quickly. There’s also a couple of bonus features that you don’t want to miss, here’s a few of them:

·WILDS: The golden coin is WILD in this slot and it will substitute for all the other items in your combinations aside from the SCATTER. Which makes it perfect for hitting additional paylines you might not have activated otherwise.

·TREASURE BONUS: Unlocked when you land three or more of the compass SCATTER symbols in your combos, this handy feature will present you with a gigantic map with a series of X’s marked on it. Behind each one is a cash prize of varying size, so choose carefully and you might just win a huge jackpot prize.

Gameplay from Age of Discovery slot

The Verdict

Overall Age of Discovery is a simple yet pleasant slot game. Its art style is basic but its got this refreshing take on the idea of exploring the unknown that’s incredibly endearing. Plus, its treasure bonus mode is a creative addition to a slot, which is why we recommend trying it. If you like this game, then you will also probably like Afterlife Inferno.