YoYo's Wild

When was the last time you played with a yo-yo? Barring the times you won one in a Christmas cracker, played with it for three minutes and then lost it under the sofa, you probably haven’t tried to ‘Walk The Dog’ or ‘Loop de Loop’ since nineteen-ninety-something.

Well, Yoyo’s Wild brings the old pastime into the modern day again with an online slot game where yo-yos could convert into wins. Find more games like this on MegaReel.

About the Developer

The people responsible for bringing back the yo-yo are Eyecon, a very established developer of online slot games that regular players will instantly recognise. This is thanks to a sizeable cata-logue of various online gambling experiences which, if you’re familiar with Eyecon you’ll know is, centered greatly around slot games. Follow this link to play slot games online.

Their games often play on original themes and that’s no different here with the use of this iconic toy of yesteryear being a unique take on the format. As well as this, you can almost always expect really high quality graphics on Eyecon games, fully optimised across all of tablet, mobile and desk-top. So, accessible and a flowing games are to be enjoyed when the Eyecon logo is on the screen.

About the Game

Visually, Yoyo’s Wild is a typically strong slot game from Eyecon as incredibly vivid, vibrant colours and really detailed graphics make the a treat for the eyes as well as the wallet. Bright purples, or-anges, reds and blues fill the backdrop with a somewhat trip spiral graphic that sits behind the reels.

Also, rather than the traditional spinning motion of the reels, Yoyo’s Wild uses a yoyo animation as these multicoloured yo-yos come down on strings from the top of the screen and spin and spin be-fore resulting in various combos.

As for symbols, look out for low paying letters and higher paying yo-yos which, if you haven’t al-ready guessed, are integral to this game. You’re looking to land various yoyo tricks in combination for big wins and three of them will send you off to another screen that acts like a bonus feature in this quite original slot. On this screen, different tricks will scroll across the screen and the one you land one will dictate what kind of combo you’re going to connect.

For example, should you land the ‘Walk the Dog’ trick, the motion of this move will be applied to the yoyo on the reels and connect whatever symbols are along it’s path. This is a useful and effec-tive way to get combinations landed that you wouldn’t have managed without this added bonus and a very unique and clever application of the theme in question on the gameplay at hand.

Playable across all of Android and iOS devices, anyone can access the catalogue of tricks on dis-play here.

The Verdict

This is a really strong game from Eyecon that uses the yoyo theme chosen to create some smart and exciting bonus features that justify the revival of an iconic toy. Slightly nostalgic and big prizes to be won. Are you a fan of this game? If so, check out Xmas Cash.