Robin of Sherwood

He steals from the rich to give to the poor, and now you can too!

If anyone has any knowledge of the famous stories of Robin Hood, then one will know of this rebellious plight, one that revolves around stealing from one class in order to give to the other. Well, in this slot you are given many different opportunities to do just that: to make some big bucks on what could be the best slot you’ve ever played. Robin Hood might be the magnum opus of developer NetEnt, as everything you see here has been perfectly executed with such precision. This slot is chocked full of hidden features and whatnot, so be sure to check out the rest of our written review below to find out more!


About the Developer


Developer NetEnt have been around the block a few times that’s for sure. NetEnt are one of those names that are synonymous with success and creativity, so much so, that with every release comes the expectation of something big, something that will change the landscape of online slots for the better. NetEnt are trend-setters, and constantly work in giving players the most memorable experiences possible through the use of interesting gameplay elements and overall execution of their themes. If you are yet to experience the greatness of NetEnt, then just what are you waiting for?


About the Game


Robin Hood is a 20 pay-line game that comes to you from developer NetEnt, a developer who is clearly invested in giving you quite the adventure here. Additional features in Robin Hood include scatters and wilds, both of which add different elements to basic gameplay. Before you can even begin to take advantage of these features you will first need to set your bet amounts accordingly. This can be achieved at the bottom of the screen. It is here where one can also choose to max bet, this will bring you straight into the action. At the bottom of the screen is where you will also find the autoplay feature which is hallmark for a lot of different NetEnt titles.


The shifting reels feature is a highlight here, and will add even more points to scores, which in turn equal massive cash pay-outs when left to their own devices. In-fact there is a x5 multiplier just waiting to be capitalised on when running these reels overall. Not only that but a 1000 coin jackpot is available when one happens to be matching 5 of the Robin Hood symbols on the reels. It is of note that this will not happen often, so be sure to plan how you play accordingly. These are but a few additional features at play here. Remember that there is more to see here.


The Verdict


As far as online slots go, Robin Hood does a great job in creating interest from so little. This could have easily been a slot that offers nothing aside from the weight of its name and concept, but what NetEnt have done is they have managed to craft something that stands on its own as something great.