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What Is Slot Machine Volatility

What Is Slot Machine Volatility

Slot machine volatility is an integral aspect of online slot games. It is a useful indicator of the theoretical behaviour of a slot game in terms of the frequency and magnitude of potential wins. So, many players look to it when deciding whether to play a slot game or not. 

However, it's crucial to bear in mind that it is theoretical, and the actual outcomes can widely differ due to the inherent randomness of online slots

What Does Slot Volatility Mean?

Slot volatility is a theoretical indication of how frequently you might encounter wins and what size those wins might be. In essence, it gives you an idea of the risk you are taking by playing a certain slot game. 

Slots are usually categorised into three volatility types: low, medium, and high. Each of these types carries a different level of risk and reward, affecting the gaming experience. 

Is Slot Variance The Same As Slot Volatility?

Yes, slot variance and slot volatility are interchangeable terms in the world of online slots. Both refer to the frequency and size of potential payouts a player can expect from a slot game. Just like volatility, slot variance is typically classified as low, medium, or high. 

Some sources refer to variance as the slot's behaviour in the long term and volatility in the short term. However, they are most often used interchangeably and largely mean the same thing. 

What Is A High Volatility Slot Machine?

A high-volatility slot machine is, in theory, more likely to land wins less frequently than lower-volatility slots, but if they do land, the wins are likely to be more substantial. 

Such casino slots often hold the potential for large rewards, such as progressive jackpot slot games. So, although wins may be harder to come by, they may be more impressive if they do land. 

What Is A Low Volatility Slot Machine?

In contrast, a low-volatility slot machine is likely to award more frequent wins, but the wins are generally smaller in size. These games are popular among beginners or players with smaller bankrolls. They usually offer simpler gameplay with less complex bonus rounds. 

Is High Or Low Slot Volatility Better?

The choice of high or low slot volatility largely depends on a player's individual preference and budget. If you prefer the chance to land smaller, more frequent wins, then low-volatility slots might be a good fit. Conversely, if you're looking for the chance to land larger wins and don't mind the risk of infrequent wins, high volatility slots may be more appealing. 

However, it's important to note that results may differ in reality, as these are theoretical ratings, and slots are random in nature. 

How Is Slot Variance Calculated?

Slot variance is not something that the player can calculate as it is intrinsically linked with the game's design. However, it is usually stated in the game's information section or the developer's website. In cases where it's not directly mentioned, players can gauge it from the paytable or game reviews. 

Developers calculate the volatility by simulating millions of spins over a long period and analysing the results to see how the slot behaves on average. Of course, each spin is a random and independent event, hence it being a theoretical rating. 

Slot Volatility FAQs

Do High Volatility Slots Pay More?

High-volatility slots typically award larger wins than low-volatility ones, but it's important to remember that these payouts are likely to occur less frequently. Also, it's important to note that slots are random, so the results of a session may not reflect the volatility rating. 

Do Low Volatility Slots Pay Less?

Low-volatility slots generally award smaller payouts than high-volatility ones, but the wins are likely to occur more frequently. This makes them suitable for players who prefer regular, smaller wins. Again, this isn't guaranteed, however. 

Where Can You Find The Volatility Of A Slot Game?

Most game developers provide the volatility information in the game's help or info section or the paytable. If it's not available there, players can check the developer's website or read online reviews. 

Is Slot RTP More Important Than Volatility?

Neither RTP (Return To Player) nor volatility is 'more important' than the other. They serve different purposes. RTP gives you an idea of the theoretical percentage of the wagered money a slot will pay back to players over time, while volatility indicates the slot's behaviour in terms of win frequency and size. Both are important factors to consider when choosing a slot game, and both are theoretical rather than definitive.