Blackjack Pro

If you want to feel the thrill of being in a casino, then look no further than Blackjack Pro. This table-top game is perfect for experienced gamers who want to see what the cards have in store for them without leaving the comfort of their own home. Your competitors and the dealer might just be generated by a computer, but that doesn’t mean the potential winnings are fake too. Thanks to the generosity of this game, you could find you end it a lot richer than when you started!

About the Developers

First founded in 1999, Playtech have been making online games for the past couple of decades now. In that time, they have set themselves up with a strong collection of slot and table-top games. They are considered to be one of the leading companies for gaming technology and content, and they ensure their game’s designs and themes give players an unforgettable experience.

About the Game

If you are already very familiar with the basics of Blackjack, then you should be able to handle this professional version of the game. Want to try your luck with more than one hand? You can do just that in this game as it gives you the choice of how many hands you play with. Obviously, for the not-so-experienced players, it might be best to just stick with the one for now! You then choose your stake and then hit the ͞Deal͟ button. The dealer deals the hands out and you then are given four choices: Hit, Stand, Split, and Double. You make your choice and the turn then passes over to the dealer.

In Blackjack Pro, the dealer has to always Stand if they have 17 in their hand. If they have anything up to and including 16, then you will notice they always Hit. You don’t have to follow these exact same rules, though. Once the dealer has taken their turn, you get to see everyone’s cards to find out who won that round. Go ahead and hit͞New Game͟ to start it all again. Don’t forget that there are some other features to note.

•INSURANCE – If the dealer has an ace, they have to leave it face-up. You can then use your Insurance, which is an extra bet stating that you believe them to have Blackjack.

•CARD SPLITTING – If you are dealt two of the same card, you can split your hand to play with two hands. Once you split a hand, though, you can’t double or split it again.

•DOUBLE DOWN –You’re only able to double down with ten or eleven. This is just an extra bet that is equal or lower to your initial one.

The Verdict

Blackjack lovers will find that this online version is very quick and an easy way to get your daily dose of cards. The design is slick and modern, and the game’s controls are exceptionally easy to pick up for those who want their first introduction to the card game.