Chilli Chilli Bang Bang

A hybrid slot that you never even knew you wanted, until now!


Yes, this slot might have a name that is similar to a particular musical out there, but no you should not expert there to be any references in this slot from developer iSoftbet. Chilli Chilli Bang Bang is a slot that is best played when one is willing to risk it all in order to win big. This slot has a massive 96% return to player percentage, which should encourage the more fortuitous players out there to seek this slot for themselves. If you are someone who enjoys slots with a very interesting theme then you will find that this slot has everything you could ever want and more. In Chilli Chilli Bang Bang anything and everything is possible. Be sure to check out the rest of this review in order to find out more!


About the Developer


London based developer iSoftbet have had a long standing relationship between themselves and their player base, so much so that with every new release comes instant success. Many developers attempt to imitate what iSoftbet have managed to achieve, but what they fail to see is how there is only ever going to be one iSoftbet. Their catalogue is varied, and offers something for everyone. You will never find a more diverse developer out there presently. When iSoftbet come calling, you best be playing their slots, failing to do so will cost you lots of money.


About the Game


Where could we even start with this slot, well we could tell you that there is a clear emphasis on multiple different vibrant colours. This slot is a 5 reel slot that is played across 3 rows. Pay-lines in this slot are fixed so what you see here is essentially what you will get. Those who have played any of iSoftbets chosen slots in the past will know what to expect going into this one. ISoftbet have always found a perfect balance between the gameplay elements in their slots and the overall appearances of their games, and in this slot that trend continues.


In terms of additional features you can expect nothing but the best. There is a wide variety of different features in this slot, all of which work differently in providing players with the most money possible with each spin. We would encourage those who are wanting to make the most money possible, that they should play this slot as long as possible in order to reap the rewards. Each bonus symbol you find in the free spins round will add a multiplier to your scores, which makes it incredibly satisfying for any player when you think about it.


The Verdict


Chilli Chilli Bang Bang is full of interesting twists and turns. This slot is unique in that it is quite difficult to talk about how great it is without playing it out for yourself. If you enjoy slots that move to the beat of their own multi-coloured drum, then you will find that there are plenty of different reasons to get excited about this one. Be sure to check out this slot if you haven’t done so already.