Boom Brothers

Greeted by a charming opening cutscene of 3 mini miners stumbling upon shiny riches among the rock, Boom Brothers title appears in an explosion as the trio blow the wall into smithereens! Boom Brothers bears a nuts and bolts aesthetic, with clanking chains and metal monstrosities crafted from steel found deep underground. Join the Boom Brothers in their very own online slots game!

About the Developer

NetEnt are a well-known purveyor of quality slots online as well as many other types of casino games. With some big licenses under their belt like Guns N’ Roses and planet of the Apes to their own popular titles like Starburst, NetEnt are a safe pair of hands who have been providing a steady stream of online slots for over 20 years now.

About the Game

While the opening cutscene promises diamonds, Boom Brothers’ core gameplay is actually more focussed on mines and metal. The frame of the Gameboard is a mixture of wood and metal, nuts and bolts and cogs and pulley systems working behind the scenes.

The Gameboard itself, like many slots online, is a 5-reel, 3 row set-up. The 3 symbols on each reel are linked by chains, giving the suggestion of a lift descending deep into the earths core where the busy brothers mine for treasure.

The number of symbols are relatively streamlined. 4 low-value icons are represented by tools: a miner’s hat, bucket, pickaxe and lantern. Higher valued symbols are metal face masks based on the trio of dwarves from the cutscene and a fourth full-body character.

Free spin symbols and railtrack SCATTERS appear randomly on the Gameboard. A minimum of 3 free spin symbols activates the free spin feature while the multiplier trebles to maximise mega win opportunities.

3 or more railtrack SCATTERS increase the bet multiplier while 5 pieces of track activates the mine cart bonus round. Pick from a choice of mine carts to reveal rubies, diamond or gold and move one of the 3 brothers along the trail towards the relevant treasure. 5 steps is all it takes to reach the prize, plant a bomb and BOOM – the winnings are yours!

There is also a WILD icon depicted with a bomb that yields high point value if you can match 2 or more. Additionally, there are 20 winning bet lines which pay if symbols are in succession beginning from the left side reel.

The Verdict

Boom Brothers fails to live up to the promise of its intriguing intro. It is very pared down when compared to a lot of slots online. While this is not a problem in and of itself, Boom Brothers is further let down by an unclear focus, scant gameplay variants and a lacklustre backing track that consists of little more than a dripping tap and some meandering bass. Fun for a few spins but unlikely to make you explode with excitement, this is not up to the usual standard expected of NetEnt’s online slots games.