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3 Genie Wishes

The story of Aladdin and his genie are the inspiration for this Arabian Nights themed game from Pragmatic Play. It’s a suitable theme for a megareel game, what with a magic lamp granting its finder 3 wishes of their choosing. Though a new friend that can grant you anything your heat desires –including wealth – is a work of fiction, this slot game might go some way towards lining your pockets. With some great features and up to 50 paylines, Three Genie Wishes might just be the magic lamp you’re looking for. Start spinning today to find out. Head over to MegaReel for more online slot games.

3 Genie Wishes slot game

About the Developer

Pragmatic Play is a fast growing game developer that has created over 80 games to players and operators around the world. They currently have a presence in 83 countries and work across 23 different languages. The company takes pride in developing unique games that exceed customer expectations, and also offers customization offers to clients. Their dedicated team of staff take the time develop each and every game into a unique product that thrills and immerses its players into the world of the game. If you like Three Genie Wishes, check out:

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3 Genie Wishes slot game welcome

About the Game

There are 5 reels and 4 rows in this slot game, which sets it apart from the standard of 3 rows. This means there are additional paylines, and a unique bonus feature that makes this game even more special. Along with detailed artwork and a clear design concept, Pragmatic Play has created another great game that immerses you in another world.

Along with the usual, low value symbols of K, Q, A and J, there are 5 higher value symbols that fit the theme. A parrot and a monkey can be seen with the princess, the villain and the orphaned boy who lives on the streets. They all drawn with detail, and are set against a stunning sunset over a landscape of a desert city. A cheerful, blue genie is the wild, and the golden lamp is the scatter. If the lamp appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, this triggers the bonus feature. Three options will appear: the high award, the small award and free spins. The free spin choice gives you a further 2 choices of wild functions. You cannot trigger further respins during the bonus, but there’s potential for big wins within this bonus mode of play.

Game play from 3 Genie Wishes

The Verdict

Three Genie Wishes is a great tribute to Aladdin and the world of Arabian Nights. Striking artwork with a rich colour scheme accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack will transport you to this ancient desert kingdom. Amidst the heat and the sand, you may just get lucky and find enough golden lamps to net you a great bonus feature. Pragmatic Play are onto a winner here, and hopefully they will fulfill plenty of your wishes. Whilst you see what the genie has in store for you, enjoy the pleasing gameplay unfolding across the desert before you. Check out a similar game to this, 3 Blind Mice.