3 Charms Crush

A slot for any of the mobile gaming fans out there!

There should be no mistakes about this one, if you have played Candy Crush or any of the other bright and colourful online games out there, then you will find similar ground in the online slot from iSoftbet: 3 Charms Crush. Slots such as this one have been cropping up as of late due to the ever-increasing popularity of mobile games, but hey we aren’t complaining as you will get slots such as this one as they are incredibly fun and pleasing on the eye. If you are someone who enjoys playing slots that are incredibly easy to grasp then you will find that this slot has everything for you and more. This slot is a 5 reel by 5 pay-line game. If you wish to learn more about this slot then might we recommend reading the rest of our review!


About the Developer


London based developer iSoftbet have had a long standing relationship between themselves and their player base, so much so that with every new release comes instant success. Many developers attempt to imitate what iSoftbet have managed to achieve, but what they fail to see is how there is only ever going to be one iSoftbet. Their catalogue is varied, and offers something for everyone. You will never find a more diverse developer out there presently. When iSoftbet come calling, you best be playing their slots, failing to do so will cost you lots of money.


About the Game


One of the best things about 3 Charms Crush is the fact that you can play this slot on your mobile as well as on desktop. A slot that is based on popular mobile games was always going to get the mobile treatment. In terms of appearances, you will not find a brighter slot. The symbols that sit on the reels look like they’ve been coloured in with some very bright highlighter pens, each representing a different numerical value depending on how you are stringing together wins on the reels. We understand that the bright colours here wont be for everyone, but hey that’s just personal preference.


When it comes to features and whatnot, you can expect much of the same if you have played any number of the iSoftbet titles. In order for players to make the most money on each spin they should be seeking the free spins which will see your scores sky-rocket should you find the right symbols leading up to the free spins. Free spins offer multipliers that should help players in making the most money possible, trust us on this one.


The Verdict


If you are a big fan of mobile themed online slots that are very easy to pick up and play the you will find that 3 Charms Crush has everything you could ever want and more. Play this slot today if you haven’t done so already!