Crossword Cash

Crossword Cash is an instant win game and is classified as a Specialty Game. Punters are required to match letters and they’ll win cash prizes. All that you’re required to do is match a selection of 18 letters with corresponding letters you’ll see on the crossword grid to create new words. The cash prize up for grabs is displayed on the right side which keeps you motivated since you can see what your potential wins look like. The more matching combinations formed, the better your opportunities to win.

About the Developer

“Specialty Games” refers to games that don’t usually fit in popular gambling categories. Popular options like table games, slots and more are classified in their own categories, while those that don’t fit a certain theme or genre are lumped in a single area called Specialty Games. Most punters tend to avoid them because they tend to be low paying or aren’t played by many people. However, if you give it a shot you might find something worthwhile. Specialty Games like Crossword Cash and Cash Buster Tower are popular options.

About the Game

If you like crossword puzzles, then you’re going to love this one. Have you ever played a puzzle which pays you a 150,000 coin jackpot prize? The background has a mix of green, white and yellow letters on top of the screen that display the game’s title. At the back of the title there are crossword letter spaces. Before you get to play, you’ll need to pick your wager on the opening screen. Click on the yellow (+) and (-) buttons to move a bet per game for a total of 25. The letters on the side of the screen fill in the letter spaces on the crossword grid and you can form as many words as possible. Create words from the letters to land high cash rewards.

If crosswords are your forte, you’re going to grab quite a few top prizes. You can win jackpot awards for forming 10 words and there’s other prizes on offer. As long as you form 3 matching words, you can pick up real cash rewards. The lowest reward is 25 coins for matching 3 words, 50 coins for 4, 100 coins for 5, while 6 award you 250 coins. 7 words get you 1,250 coins, 2,500 coins for 8 words and 12,500 coins for 9 words. The maximum jackpot prize is 150,000 coins for 10 words

The Verdict

Crossword Cash offers a unique experience where you aren’t focusing on reels or paylines, but words and letters. This idea makes it an innovative instant win gaming option. Crossword enthusiasts will like the wordy theme and are going to enjoy testing their crossword skills. The game has a kind of repetitive pattern, but the payouts can also be impressive.