Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers is classified in the Specialty Games category. It is an instant win game without the standard reels or paylines. Your mission here is simple; destroy the colourful towers to collect instant cash rewards and trigger fun mini bonus games. Each of the mini games has a different kind of gaming action plus new payouts to offer. Each of the bonus games involves destroying the 6 different tower segments and you also get 5 spins in each of the games together with the chance to win payouts and more.

About the Developer

Specialty Games͟ is a phrase that refers to any games that don’t fit in any of the more well-known gambling categories. Slots, table games, etc. are usually classified in their own category, while everything else gets lumped together in a single area. It’s not always clear what you’ll find in Specialty Games so many players tend to avoid them. However, you might be surprised at what you’ll find here. There might be quite a few options that might appeal to you and you’ll find yourself playing them regularly or as a way to decompress between more serious gambling sessions.

About the Game

The slot has 6 colourful towers that are made up of multiple blocks. Every time you hit the spin button, you destroy the blocks making up the towers and win a reward. The reward is usually displayed at the bottom of each tower. Sometimes you could receive an arrow, star, a number or a circle. You’ve got a total of 5 spins per game and the end reward becomes your total winnings plus a chance to play any bonus games you won.

•Bonus symbols- The star and arrow are the bonus symbols. If you land 4 of the star or the arrow, or even a combination of the both of them, you activate one or both of the mini bonus games. The arrow bonus game includes you spinning a wheel to receive a prize. This could be in the form of extra blocks getting destroyed in the towers or a cash prize. In the card game, you’ll need to choose one of the cards to unveil a prize hidden underneath which could also be cash or blocks. The more the blocks you destroy, the larger your overall cash reward gets when the entire block comes tumbling down.

•Circle symbols- They appear at the bottom of the tower after every spin. When it appears you will need to fill in a section of the circle table. If you fill at least 4 of the circles, an instant cash reward is yours. The more the circles you find, the bigger the reward. 6 circles reward the best. Cash Buster Tower is an instant win slot, but the circles are the only icons that activate instant wins. All the other icons award mini games or add on to the destroyed tower totals.

The Verdict

Cash Buster Towers will be enjoyable for punters who want to try something new other than the usual slot or table games. The slot offers great payouts and is fun, engaging and has just the right amount of action and bonuses. The mini games definitely have the most entertainment value with the attractive colours, animations and sounds.