Barn Ville

There’s plenty of fun to be had down on the farm, and Barn Ville encapsulates all of that fun into one easy to play scratch card game. In this animal-themed game, you’ll meet a lot of different animals, including horses, cows and pigs, as you try and make your way to the big jackpot. You’ll get to pretend that you are the farmer in this game as you try and organise all the farm animals so that they match on the pay lines.

About the Developers

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About the Game

This game has some very simple graphics, but that shouldn’t put you off at all. Sure, they may be simple but at the same time, they are bright, colourful and very well done. It all takes place in a farm yard, and you will have a large three-storey barn in front of you and a large corn store just to the left. At the bottom of the screen, you will see that you can increase your bet. You just need to buy a new ticket and then the game will begin.

The corn store is tiered, and each tier is taken up by an animal. This also shows you how many points you will win for matching three of each animal. You’ll see that the rooster is the animal with the lowest value while the black horse is the most valuable on the board. It also helps you keep track of how many animals are on the board as you go.

When you are ready to get things rolling, you need to start picking windows on the barn. There is a farm animal hiding behind each one. You can choose the order in which you open them all, and the aim is to try and find three of a kind. When you do, you’ll win a prize according to how much that particular animal is worth.

The Verdict

As with the majority of scratch card games, you can play Barn Ville on your mobile devices as well as a desktop or laptop. So, this is the ideal game to keep you occupied when you are out and about or stuck on a long journey. You’ll find that the game is super easy to pick up, and the animations are as charming as the farm animals. And the potential winnings aren’t too bad either. By the time you’ve finished playing this game, you could be ready for a good old-fashioned hoe down!