Arctic Madness

Climate change and the greenhouse effect don’t seem to have hit the world of online slot games just yet, as there is still plenty of ice to go around in the Arctic Madness game! In fact, some of the games characters have ended up frozen in a giant ice cube! There’s a shark circling the frozen gang, so it looks like you’ve got a race against time on your hands to ensure they don’t meet a very cold demise!

About the Developers

Created by Pariplay, Arctic Madness goes next to the developers’ other great games, including The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court and Chang’e: Goddess of the Moon. Pariplay are responsible for some of the best casino slot games currently available to gamers, and Arctic Madness is just one example of why the company are doing so well. They know to team up eye-catching graphics with entertaining bonus features that will entice gamers to keep on coming back for more.

About the Game

Make sure you wrap up warm as you’ll be in a very cold environment to play Arctic Madness. There are blocks of ice in the background and you will be faced with a shark-infested pool of water with a large ice cube right in the centre of it. This ice cube is actually the game board and the characters that are trapped inside are the symbols that you’ll be playing with.

Unlike the majority of other casino slot games, these five reels don’t spin around. Instead, they will cascade below the ice and will be replaced with new ones. You need to land lines of matching characters to win, and each character is worth a different amount. There are a couple of bonus features that can help you win too.

•WILD SYMBOL – This game’s Wild symbol is just that –it’s a symbol that says ͞Wild͟. If three of these fall onto one of the twenty-five pay lines, then you will be awarded with 1,000 game coins.

•BONUS ROUND – You should also keep an eye out for a symbol that looks like a gift box. If you land three of these on a pay line, you will activate the cool bonus round. You’ll arrive in a large ice cave and will see some characters walking around. There are a few icicles on the ceiling above, and you need to choose one. If it falls onto one of the characters, then you’ll win a big multiplier. You’ll get the chance to hit more than one character during the bonus round – the more you get, the more multipliers you’ll win!

The Verdict

The characters in this game are cute and adorable and help give it a very charming side indeed. Not only that, though, but the overall design of the game is excellently done, and the cascading reels help make the slot feel very fresh and innovative. Even though the bonus features aren’t that thrilling, there’s still a lot more to enjoy when you play this brrrr-illiant game!