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Types of Slots Free Spins

Types of Slots Free Spins

What are Slots Free Spins?

Free spins are opportunities awarded to players to spin the reels of a slot game without wagering any of their dimes on the pay lines. Plainly put, slot free spins present an opportunity for players to spin reels without paying a casino site. As already noted, casinos award slots free spins for various reasons, with the most significant idea centered on increasing market share and players' patronage.

Some slots free spins are built in the slot itself, such that every player gets to have free spins during the free spins round that is initiated by scatter symbols. In some slots, such free spins may be launched multiple times, thereby significantly increasing the winning potentials of every player.

Slots Free Spins with Progressive Jackpots

Every player is a potential Jackpot winner. In fact, each time you play a casino game, you are a few steps closer to becoming wealthy. Nevertheless, you must take advantage of games with progressive jackpots and free spins if you must get even closer to achieving your ultimate goal. Here, you will discover slot games with free spins and progressive Jackpots.

Mystic dragon

Mystic Dragon has become famous for many excellent reasons, including the fact that it’s a progressive slot game. The progressive jackpot in this online slot will happen randomly, so punters must always have their eyes on the game. Nothing seems to be better than enjoying up to 100 free spins on a game like this, and that is what you will get when you play Mystic Dragon.

Mega Fortune Video Slot

Not all slots are equal, and Mega Fortune is proof of that. This slot has a bonus game where three intertwined wheels will show up, and that is one of the things that make the Mega Fortune slot so much fun to play. When a punter is awarded that bonus game, he or she will need to spin in a part of each wheel where an arrow is shown instead of cash awarded, to then get the progressive jackpot. However, punters also have a chance to win one of two tiny sized progressive jackpots through the wheel spinning bonus game as well as playoff a couple of free spins too through Mega Fortune’s additional bonus game.

Cleopatra Mega Jackpots

Cleopatra Mega Jackpot climbed up the ladder of fame for the high variance playing structure that it comes with. This is a feature that could see many players winning vast amounts from its bonus game, which is a couple of free spins that can be re-triggered. When you play this progressive slot, not only will you have an opportunity of being gifted with that bonus feature every time, you could also win the game’s Mega Jackpot.

Age of the Gods

If there is anything that punters everywhere can be assured of when they play any NetEnt designed gaming machines, it is that the game will come with its unique themes and bonus games. NetEnt has a good number of progressive slot games as well, and the Age of Gods is one of them.

Though the Age of Gods is one of the most recent NetEnt releases, it is fast becoming a favorite amongst punters. This slot game comes with three progressive jackpots, a free spins bonus feature that you can enjoy, as well as expanding wild symbols.

Mega Moolah Casino slot

If you are looking for the most famous progressive slot game, it is Mega Moolah. This online slot comes with as many as 4 Jackpots. The best part about playing Mega Moolah is that there are always free spin bonuses depending on where you play and what country you are.

These are only five of the best slots with free spins and a progressive jackpot. Take advantage of them now and get much closer to being a Billionaire.

Slot Free Spins With Multipliers

Free spins with multipliers are in high demand by punters all over the globe, mainly because they are potentially useful features. Here, you will find online slots free spins with multipliers that you can take advantage of.

Lucky 88 Free Spins slots

Two slot games by Aristocrat are known to stand out in terms of free spins and multipliers. Firstly the slot game with the largest amount of free spin multiplier is Lucky 88 slot. You may guess from the title that the multiplier goes up to x88! In this online slot game, you are in control as you can choose between the number of free spins and the multipliers featured. Lucky 88 comes with  - x8, x18, x38, or x88 multipliers.

The Coy Sun Doa Slot Game

The Coy Sun Doa slot is much like Lucky 88 in terms of structure, although the top multiplier in this game is 30x! Once again, punters can choose the free spins/multipliers depending on how much risk they are willing to take!

Captain Quids Treasure

Captain Quids Treasure is a right slot from IGT that comes with fantastic free spins and multipliers. The free spins feature lets players select specific points on a Treasure map; each point will reveal either a multiplier of free spin. Punters can win up to 40 free spins and 10x multipliers.

Cleopatra II

 Cleopatra II offers a free spins bonus that is triggered by 3 scatters, but with each free spin a punter gets awarded, they can expect the multiplier to increase by x1. In theory, punters could win as many as 50 spins with the final spin being 50x. However, the reality is punters only get between 8 and 14 free spins, so the highest multiplier here will be 14x on the last spin. For you to get to the highly sought 50x, you must get a retrigger or 3.

Dungeons & Dragons slot

This online slot works like the Captain Quids Treasure slot in terms of free spins and multipliers except that it also features stacked wilds in the free spins. When you play D&D, you can be awarded up to a 6x multiplier and about 19 free spins.

Dolphin Tale slot

One of the best games with huge multipliers and free spins bonus is Microgaming’s Dolphin Tale slot. Here, punters obtain the free spins by obtaining 3 scatter symbols in view. Punters can then pick a character, and that is responsible for the number of spins and multiplier you get on individual spins. Punters could have 5 free spins at 20x; they can also have 10 spins at 12x or even 25 spins at 5x.

Free spins with multipliers can be very tempting, so make sure to decide how far you want to go with them. While most people already know the excellent winning potential that comes with using free spins with multipliers, selecting the best online slot game with these features can be challenging. The slot games featured here are some of the best you can opt for if you want to enjoy free spins and good multipliers.

Slots Free Spins to Avoid

In the casino sphere, the wonders of free spins are beyond every exaggeration an over-statement. Free spins have boosted the audience received by several casinos in terms of visits and overall patronage of their services. This is because majority of players are always in search of the 'best offer' presenting some mouthwatering opportunities for them to actualize their dreams.

However, the quest for the highest rewarding slots free spins has had some unfavorable repercussions on players, the worst of whom are the carefree ones. Thus, it suffices to posit that slot free spins are really a great way of doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your usual winnings, however, it could turn negative and aid to a player's casino undoing.

Against this insightful backdrop, we attempt an in-depth dive into the various slots free spins you should avoid at casino sites.

Slots Free Spins to Keep Away From

You are advised to keep away from the following slots free spins:

Slots Free Spins Casino Game

Slot Free spins without wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the nitty-gritty attached to every offer, game, and bonus that a casino awards its players from time to time. Some casinos intentionally keep the wagering requirements away from players, and quite often, players, in turn, do not elect to inquire about them. Players are then thrown off-guard when they win big via slots free spins, and these wagering requirements are dug up and applied by the casino sites. So you have to avoid slots free spins without properly enunciated wagering requirements. However, if you must play such, ensure you inquire from customer support about these wagering requirements.

No-deposit slots free spins by unknown casinos

Casinos sprout on the daily, and the fact that a casino has been reviewed a couple of times doesn't substantially guarantee its integrity. A casino guarantees its integrity by its business models over time with customers and the general public. No deposit bonuses are quite complicated, accounting for the fact that most casinos don't offer it. So any no-deposit slots free spins by unknown casinos that have not proven their integrity and made their mark may be hard to win you significant cash prizes.

Slot free spins in Jackpot slots

Jackpots are typically hard to come by, and pursuing free spins alongside jackpots in jackpot slots may be a nicely designed distraction from the golden prize. Thus, we suggest that you pursue either slots free spins in typical video slots and pursue jackpots in standard jackpot slots.


Slots free spins require that you understand the full terms governing them before endorsing your participation in them. Therefore, ensure you completely understand what is at stake before venture into them.

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