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The Future of Nektan

The Future of Nektan

Casino News: The future of Nektan

Nektan appear to be taking the online casino world by storm and are flooding the market at rapid speed.  Having started life as a games development company, Nektan has an impressive portfolio behind its name when it comes to slots games.  But the way in which Nektan works has begun to shift to a very niche market in the online casino and online gaming world.  This is the all-inclusive, white label casino technology sector along with their own management platform.

Cleverly, though you may have played on one if not multiple Nektan games, you are probably unaware of this fact.  Probably now even less so since they have created a side line to their games development company and have not created a very specific service to enable other people to be able to set up and run their very own online casino.

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Nektan and Evolve

Nektan and Evolve have been run as entirely separate entities since they were run in unison, and despite being owned by the same company, they have different brandings which are easily recognisable as being one or the other.  All Nektan sites are fully licensed and they have had their very own software and gaming license as of 2014 in the UK.

Nektan remains as a games development company but Evolve is progressing quickly as an online casino start up platform.  It is very clever because once set up, Evolve takes care of the ever day attributes which enable an online casino to function which leaves the owners with a great deal more time and energy to be able to devote to other more pressing matters at such a stressful time.

They support and provide unique services for independent games developers and use their professional abilities to guide their clients to the highest levels.  This means that the success levels of Nektan clients is impressively high and this information is passed on quickly to other independent games developers looking for assistance.  It doesn’t take word long to get round in an industry which is so close knit, so having such an amazing reputation is nothing short of miraculous.

Nektan Pro

Nektan may only have begun their latest expansion phase is 2013, but they have seen an impressive increase in their users and their results.  This is because they were very forward thinking and made a big leap before many other games development companies were either ready to or able to do so.  To some this may have been mad or done so as a leap of faith, but whatever their reasons it has been very rewarding.

The leap of faith we are referring to here is that of Nektan going fully compatible with mobile application.  They soon realised that this was the future of online casino gaming and took their chances with this decisions which already seems to have paid off for them.  This is because most gamers want the speed, ease and convenience of being able to play from absolutely anywhere and want to be able to take their gaming with them when they are on the move.

This seems to be one of the most important factors for gamers when choosing a games development provider.  With our lives being busier than ever, we need things that fit in to our lives and not the other way around.  For online games to prove popular and therefore successful, they need to be games which can be accessed on the go, such as during the daily commute to and from the work place.  Only being able to play online games with a steady and stable hard wired link to the internet from a desktop computer is no longer an option because we need more from our gaming development suppliers.

Nektan Slots

With gamers requiring more than ever, it seems that Nektan, though busy, were right in their initial decision to diversify but not to completely leave the world of games development behind.  They have been large and influential contributors to the online slots game world with their slots games being some of the most loved games around.  There may not be hundreds of these slots games from Nektan to choose from, but the selection you do have is always reliable and always of a very high quality.  This is exactly what gamers are looking and it seems that, yet again, quality wins over quantity once more.

Slot Games Image

Ensuring that these high quality slots games can also be played on any sort of mobile device, Nektan work tirelessly to enable gamers to play whenever and wherever is more easily accessible and convenient to them.  This is why all of their slots game can be played on any sort of smartphone, PC or tablet thanks to the HTML5 technology which they use during the development of their slots games.

Slots Games from Nektan

There may not be an enormous number of Nektan slots games but we are sure that you will recognise some of the most popular titles within their portfolio.  Examples of these impressive high-end slots game are:

  • Big 5 Safari
  • Plucky Pirates
  • Shamrock ‘n’ Roll
  • Cave Riders
  • Best of British

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These games are not known for having large quantities of bonus features but they are always reliable for having high RTP rates, always 95% and above.  As the times are moving on so quickly, Nektan are keeping up as best they can and are listening appropriately to the wants and needs of their gamers. 

This is why they decided to start creating slots games with some more exciting themes which would keep their gamers attention for longer periods of time and they also decided to change the way they portrayed their graphics.  Altering these original styles of their games has seen some of their more modern slots games, such as the Fortune Monkey, become some of the most popular slots games that Nektan have ever released despite the fact that they are some of the newest and have been around for less time.

Partnering with some of the largest games developers in the world, like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play and many others, clearly Nektan are incredibly good at what they do and their future is certainly look bright!

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