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The Dark Secret of Free Slot Spins

The Dark Secret of Free Slot Spins

The dark secret of Free Slot Spins

It’s time for a little bit of casino gossip here at Mega Reel. The truth is, online casinos want to make money. Online casinos are very clever offering free slot spins as those free spins used by new and regular gamers alike are highly likely to turn into real spins in the future. Obviously, free spins have many advantages to gamblers such as allowing them to try out new games for free but we’ll be focusing on the dark side of free slot spins guide.

Big wins are almost impossible

One dark secret of free slot spins is that you probably won’t win a huge sum of money, although it is not entirely impossible. Free slot spins are often played with the lowest coin size. Playing with the lowest coin size makes it very difficult to win a decent amount of money. Having said that, without free slot spins you may not have had a chance to win anything at all. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose!

Limited choice of slots

Another reason why free slot spins may not be as amazing as they seem is the lack of choice they bring. Free slot spins are only offered on certain slots. You can only play your free spins on certain slots and these may be slots that you don’t particularly enjoy or slots that aren’t the most rewarding. On the flip side, online casinos typically only choose the top-rated slot games as part of these promotions.

Wagering requirements & Free Spins

What you may not know if you’re new and playing free slot spins for the first time is that there are wagering requirements. If you have been lucky enough to score a huge win with your free slot spins then make sure you check the wagering requirements. In fact, check the wagering requirements before you take your free spins to avoid any disappointment. Also, be aware that bonus money cannot always be withdrawn.

Conclusion and helpful tips for Free Slots

It’s clear that there are many dark secrets of free slot spins but as long as you’re aware of them, you’ll be fine. The advantages of free slot spins heavily outweigh the disadvantages.

We’ll leave you with a few tips and tricks! When using free slot spins, always make sure to read the casino rules carefully. Pay particular attention to the section about bonuses to ensure that you can withdraw money if you happen to win. No deposit bonuses are great as you don’t have to spend any money and can win without making a deposit.

To increase your chances of winning, seek out free slot spins that are volatile and have an RTP of 97% or above. Playing high volatile slots with free slot spins is a good idea as it gives you the best chance to win a jackpot without spending lots of money. You can find free slot spins in various online casinos in Welcome Offers, Loyalty Schemes and, certain campaigns.

For more details on our free spins check the Terms and Conditions on Mega Reel.