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Slots Bonus Rounds Types

Slots bonuses

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Most online free slots contain a minimum of one feature in the bonus slot round category. Bonuses can appear in a range of styles and cover a wide variety of formats, ranging from little to no player activity to some player interaction, albeit solely based on chance. Some games also encourage players to apply some degree of ability in an arcade game fashion, making players feel more in charge of their destiny.

Free Spins and other bonus slot rounds are reasonably short, but they are sweet because of the fast-paced nature of slots. We will teach you all about bonus slot rounds in this article, so do well to read further.

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Bonus Slot Round Characteristics

The bonus slot round features aim to break up the mundane, repetitive spinning and give players something to look forward to when a feature is triggered, releasing an adrenaline rush. Although these added slot games typically promise additional payouts and this is the purpose they serve, they are not meant to wash the casino out, but rather provide players with a reason to keep spinning when a specific slot may otherwise become tedious or tiring. Even if you get 500 free spins, they will be geared towards keeping you excited even with potential winning chances.

Click Me Bonus Slot Round Variants

You will generally be taken to another screen once the bonus is activated where the click-me event will be performed. Bonus free slot games rounds with Click Me feature are prevalent and give the player a range of things to choose by clicking the mouse. These products may often reveal coins that are added to your winnings, often multipliers that multiply your bet or wins are shown, and others which give free spins. Recently, we've also seen some moving wild slots that offer players the opportunity to create some fantastic winning combinations while they're active.

Bonus rounds can also take place right on the reels with Click Me. Either way, regular play starts again after a game is finished, as it did before the game was activated.

Arcade-Style Bonus slot round

The bonus slot round variants have been taken to the next level by several recent slots, producing an actual game within a game. These may or may not require the player's ability, though any skill needed is minimal. You might find yourself shooting down an aircraft carrier or an alien space ship or maybe stealing jewels from a high-security museum, being ever so careful not to cause any alarms.

 Many online casino players love and search for these kinds of features when playing online slots, returning to their favourites in hopes of activating the feature. Plot-based slots have also found a following, such as murder mysteries or soap opera style slots. The player can be much more interactive in this type of slot, playing a role in unfolding a plot that usually provides at least one bonus round along the way.

Free Spins

Most video slots give bonus free spins at least, and this is the most popular form of bonus slot round you can find. Each game has a different way of inducing free spins and a different number of free spins, as well as its own set of terms that can be checked in the paytable of the game for a Free Spins bonus. Some games also feature an exclusive collection of reels, as well as multiple wins, that is exclusive to free spins.

How to identify bonus slot rounds

The most straightforward way to find out what you need to know about bonus slot rounds is to view the paytable of the game, which can be found on the main gaming interface, usually close to the settings, autoplay, or support buttons of the game. You may also discover how many functions a slot provides here, as many give several possibilities.


It is essentially left to the individual player's discretion to play a specific slot or not to play a particular slot, as well as the types of bonus features he or she enjoys. To decide the type of games that best suits you, you will have to try out a variety of slots, or maybe you like all slots, as long as they increase your bankroll!

There are a large variety of slot games that are available in free spins casino, and you will be spoilt for choices. Nevertheless, to make your hunt for a casino less tedious, you can try getting  500 free spins when you sign up with Mega reel.