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Pay by phone casino is a simple online casino payment method which allows you to conceal some of your personal details.

Online casinos let you use your mobile number to make deposits instead of being reliant on putting in your bank details or any other private information.

A code is sent straight to your phone, and once you enter it your balance will be topped up straight away, allowing you to start playing casino games straight away. The charge is then added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

The security surrounding your bank details makes pay by mobile is one of the safest ways to make your online casino deposits

Mobile deposits are made in an instant and they don’t carry any hidden charges. One such mobile deposit method is Boku, which has become one of the most popular deposit formats for casinos.

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How to Use Boku to Pay at Casino?

Using Boku is a pretty simple process that won’t take more than a minute to play free slots games.

Before you can get started you’ll need to make sure that the casino you’ve chosen actually accepts Boku as a payment method. You’ll find that information wherever the casino lists its accepted payment methods – usually in the terms and conditions.

When you get to the transaction page, you will be prompted to make your deposit. This will then take you to a different pop up window where you will select ‘Boku Pay with Mobile’.

From here you choose the amount of money you want to deposit (between £3 and £30), and you put in your mobile number.

You’ll then be sent an authentication text message to confirm that you want to make the payment. All you need to do is reply with a Y (yes) or N (no) to authorise or cancel the payment.

Then comes the confirmation message along with a receipt which double confirms that your transaction has gone through. The deposit eithers appears on your phone bill or it will deducted from your remaining phone credit. It’s good practice to keep the message proof of payment in you ever need it.

After that you’re good to go and you can spend the money you deposited however you so choose to or claim daily free spins to play.


Benefits of using Boku Pay by Phone Method

First of all, using Boku is completely free – there are no hidden fees or charges to surprise the user when it comes to depositing funds. Even the texts sent to you to validate your payments are free.

Using Boku also happens to be very simple. To start using Boku, all you need is a phone number. There’s no need for any extra sign up hassle. This differs to most other mobile deposit platforms which will require you to have a bank account.

Security is another added benefit of this pay by mobile platform. Boku is a safe way to make deposits and payments as all you need to do so is use your phone number. Personal details such as banking information never factor into the equation, so they remain protected.

The text message authentication is another feature concerned with your safety and security. You’re the only person able to verify your payments, so you won’t have to worry about anybody trying to use your details fraudulently.

Boku is also an extremely fast acting payment method – the money will be deposited you’re your account in less than 60 seconds.

Overall pay by phone casino uk Boku is a very convenient payment option when it comes to putting money into your online casino accounts. IT’s very much a play now, pay later kind of system which many players will find comes in handy. You don’t have to think about any money leaving your account until the end of the month when the phone bill comes.


Downsides to using Pay by Boku

Unlike some other mobile payment platforms, Boku comes with deposit limits. These limits are designed for people to make small purchases rather than any big ticket items. Those who prefer to play for higher stakes may be disappointed as the daily deposit limits are capped at £30.

Furthermore, Boku isn’t available worldwide. Whilst it is available in 56 countries currently and is expanding, it still has a while to go before it reaches all corners of the globe.  

There’s also the risk that if your phone is ever stolen and the thieves happen to know what to look for, your Boku account would be compromised and you’re at risk of being a victim of fraud.