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Mobile Casino vs Online Casino

Mobile Casino vs Casino Online

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If you are a fresher to the world of online casino gaming, and you are about to purchase a device for your gaming activities, then you have a choice to make. You will find yourself having to choose between a mobile casino and the casino games that are only played with the laptops or the PC (these are called online games). The two casino gaming methods offer an exciting gaming experience to players. Below is a list of the unique features that may help you make informed decisions on the particular gaming method to choose between the pay by mobile casino and online casinos. When you have decided on the gaming method to adopt, you can try Megareel casino to play all your favorite games.

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What is a mobile casino and an online casino? 

A mobile casino is an online casino that works perfectly on your mobile phone. These casinos can be browser-based or mobile app-based. Playing with a mobile casino is a fantastic way to experience most of your favorite online casino games from anywhere and at any time. With mobile casinos, you do not need to limit your online gaming activities to your laptop or desktop computer. Besides, with the different types of smartphones that exist in today's market, it is almost impossible to find punters who do not own one, or who have never thought about gambling on one. 

An online casino, on the other hand, can be restricted to computers and laptops, and some of them may work on smartphones too. Most online casinos are browser-based. In the past these used to be the only free spins casino platforms, but these exciting features are applicable to mobile as well nowadays!

What are mobile casino apps?

Many online casinos now understand that people spend more time on their phones than they do on computers. For this reason, they offer punters the opportunity to download a mobile app specifically for playing all of the casino games they offer. With the aid of a  mobile app, you can quickly access things and place bets; all you need to do is downloaded the app and load it up from your device and then run through the featured menus to access your favorite games. You can do this in a matter of seconds, so if you are looking to play slots, spin the roulette wheel, or enjoy a good game of blackjack, you have all the time in the world. The best part is that when you log on to the mobile casino app, you can still take advantage of all bonuses on offer in the casino you play with.

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Mobile Casino For iPhone And Android – What Is The Difference?

When you play free casino games on your favorite mobile casino like Megareel, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the correct mobile app for a smartphone device. If you use an iPhone, then you must make sure to download the mobile app that is specifically made for iOS devices. This is the only you are allowed to play all of your favorite casino games on your iPhone. For people who are Android users,  there's also the need to get the Android app of your casino so that you can gain access to the games they offer. As soon as you have downloaded the right app, you will have to register and take advantage of any favorable bonuses that they offer.

Mobile Casino Bonuses: Free No Deposit Mobile Casino & More

As hinted earlier, when you play with a mobile casino like Megareel, there are lots of bonuses available to you in various forms. With one of the most popular being the free no deposit bonus. When you decide to try a bonus, make sure that you look out for the best one available, and one that matches your betting style. Be on the lookout for free spins, free bonus cash, and lots more when you register with a mobile casino.

When you are awarded the bonus you opt for, you can spend it any way you choose, either by playing on the games you are already familiar with or spend it on the online slots that are available on offer. These bonuses are available on online casinos without mobile apps, but the experience is never the same.


The best part about playing with the mobile casino is the possibility of playing almost any casino game on your mobile device at home, in the office, and on the go. While the online casino gaming system would restrict your play to your laptop and PC, mobile casino offers more advantages like the pay by mobile options.

Game Collections

The fact remains that online casinos came long before the birth of the mobile casinos gaming system. Punters who focused on online casinos realized that it had a vast collection of casino games running into thousands even before people started to play with mobile casinos. But since the inception of casino apps and mobile casinos, websites and providers have been quick to move with the trend by gradually embracing the phone thing. So, even though playing with mobile casinos is the trending thing now, the games available there are much fewer than those available online. A wide range of mobile casino games are the same thing as those available on PC, only that they have been modified to become phone versions, and not all of the games available on PC have enjoyed a mobile phone casino version yet.

Most of the online gambling websites are still in the struggle to come up with the mobile version of some of their most popular PC games. The downside of mobile casinos is that mobile phones come with limited storage space, so they can only accept a limited number of casino games.

Our last thoughts on Mobile Casinos VS. Online Casino

 The goal of every casino player is to enjoy gaming and make some bucks. If you are one of those who simply want to enjoy a wide variety of games, then online casinos will meet your needs better than a mobile casino. However, it is essential to note that you can find all brands of casino games on mobile, including slots, blackjack, bingo, roulette, poker, and specialty games. When you have made up your mind on what alternative works best for you, check the dozens of profitable games available on Megareel.

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