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Is it Easy to Trigger the Free Slot Spins Bonus Round?

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There is a fine line that free slot spins casinos have to walk between enabling players to trigger the bonus round and needing to keep players wanting more. This is not an easy line to walk but the majority of online casinos, including Mega Reel, do so very well. They need to get this right so that players return to the games on offer but also to their site so that they do not feel as if they are getting conned, even if they know they are! But what else do we know about free slot spins?  Knowledge is power, after all, so we had better equip ourselves before going into the free slot spins battle! For 500 free spins click here.

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About the Free Slot Spins

On the cashback free slots game, the main aim is to be able to align the specific symbols to be able to trigger the free slot spins. There is usually one main way to do this, though some slot games do offer multiple ways of triggering free slot spins but make sure you know what the rules are for you slots game before you start playing. There are also many different numbers of free slot spins available and there is no set number of spins that all slot games but comply with. There are more common numbers such as 5 free slot spins or 10 free slot spins though but you could easily trigger more or less than these examples given.

Triggering the Free Slot Spins and RNG

As you know, slot games involve absolutely no skill or strategy to be able to play them, but instead, they rely on certain amounts of luck in order to be able to win a cash prize as well as free slot spins which can help you to win a cash prize in return. But as much as we might like to think that we have magic at our fingertips, we don’t! Slot games are actually controlled solely by random number generators or RNGs and these are computer-generated codes that control whether a reel spin is a winning spin or not. The device you are playing on actually knows whether you have won or not before you do due to this RNG and this is exactly the same with the free slot spins too.

The RNG determines whether you are able to trigger the free slot spins using the alignment of symbols too. The symbols you require for the free slot spins will continue to be close but a near miss over and over again to make you think that it’s about to happen so that you continue playing. This is a clear rouse by the slots games developers and it usually does the trick, encouraging people to play more and for longer periods of time. But actually, the triggering of the free slot spins is completely out of your control, you just need to have the funds to keep playing for long enough for them to trigger through the RNG.

Why Trigger Free Slot Spins?

It is always the aim of any player to try and trigger any bonus feature they can as they play online slots games for multiple reasons. Firstly, it makes the slots game in question more exciting. Secondly, it keeps the players' attention because slots games can get a little repetitive especially when you play them for long periods of time. Lastly, and often most importantly, they can be the best way to trigger much better and bigger cashback prizes.

This is seen most commonly when multiple bonus features are triggered at the same time and the most effective one is triggering the free slot spins at the same time as a big multiplier. This can enable a player to win a cash prize that’s actually just an average amount of money but it can turn this immediately into something really quite spectacular. Though is something you have no control over and it is rare to be able to do, there are certain free slot spins games that have multipliers automatically included in their free slot spins bonus rounds to help you to play on their slot game for longer and spend more money. But will you continue playing or will you cash out and spend your money on something outside of the online casino?

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