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Fun Free Casino Slot Games

Free Slot Games for Fun

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What exactly do we mean by ‘free’ casino slot games? They can’t exactly be free, right? How is a casino ever going to be a successful business model if it just offers away all of its games and prizes for free?

Well, casinos are always going to want to bring in new customers, of course. And as punters, we can take advantage of that and somewhat play the system a little bit. Sure, it’s never going to be an absolute guaranteed profit, the world doesn’t work like that. But we can definitely put ourselves in a position where we maximise our chances of winning some cash, and here is how/

Deposit for Slot Games

Types of Free Casino Slot Games

Free spins offer casino slot games are offered up in a couple of different ways. Firstly, some online casinos will offer some or all of their slots to play for free with no money involved. That means you don’t deposit, but you don’t win anything either.

Secondly, free spins casino sites such as Mega Reel will offer new customers a welcome bonus to thank them for signing up as a customer and placing their first deposit. In this situation, all you need to do as a player is to sign up with the free spins casino, place your first deposit, and you can be in with a chance of winning up to 500 free spins in some cases. Plus, you get to keep your initial deposit to play on any casino game you like on that site.

As well as this, some slot games will offer free spins themselves. It’s part of their ways to win and helps to keep the game more exciting to play. Free spins slots are some of the best slots going, in our opinion, and so we’ve listed some of our favourites to get you going with them if you wish to do so later in this article.

Benefits of Free Casino Slot Games

‘What’s the point of playing slot games without winning any money?’ you may have found yourself asking. Sometimes you just want to try out a slot before you play it. You can’t just take some anon’s opinion all the time, as everyone’s opinions of slots are going to be different sometimes right? So, being able to play a slot for free to try it out before you wager real money is going to be super appealing to some.

The free spins at casinos and within the games themselves are somewhat of a no brainer. Sure, you would need to put in a bit of your own money this time around but the rewards you can get back from them can be quite stimulating. It would be unfair to say it’s a no loss situation as there is, of course, the possibility that you have bad luck and don’t win from your deposit or the free spins, but you’re in a much healthier position with free spins than without them.

The Best Fun Free Casino Slot Games to Play

At Mega Reel, you simply put a £10 deposit down as a customer and you will be able to spin the Mega Reel itself. This puts you in with a chance of winning up to 500 free spins to play on Starburst, one of the greatest slot games of all time.

In Starburst, you can also win tonnes of free spins too. Simply lining up three or more free spins symbols here will do this for you, and you may even be able to do that with the 500 free spins that you may have won already. At this point, you’ll literally be rolling in free spins which could be a very lucrative position to be in indeed.

We also fully recommend playing games from the Rainbow Riches slots saga at Mega Reel. Again, these are some of the best slot games of all time and they offer an abundance of free spins if you’re lucky. So, this is somewhere you could put your initial £10 deposit if you wanted to.

A Little More on Fun Free Casino Slot Games

If you don’t quite win the top prize on the Mega Reel of 500 free spins then fear not, there are other prizes there too and a win of some degree is guaranteed. You can win 20 free spins on Fluffy Favourites game, for example, and that is one heck of a game.