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Free Spins Slots UK Explained

Free spins slotsuk

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Free spins is a phrase that will catch the attention of the majority of punters, from beginners to the more experienced of us. What could possibly be a bad thing about being able to spin the slots, for free, at any given moment?

Daily free spins are presented in a number of different ways in the world of slots. They can either be presented by the casino that hosts the games, or the games themselves.

When presented by the casino, free spins usually come from a welcome offer that the free spins casino uses to capture new customers. This can vary massively, so it’s important to pick the right casino to sign up with and get the best offer. Some casinos will offer up to a massive 500 free spins or even daily free spins too - more on those later.

If the game gives you free spins, it’s usually as a result of something that happens within the game. The most conventional way for this to happen is if you land three or more scatter symbols or free spins bonus symbols in the game. This will usually take you to a separate bonus game where you get a whole bunch of spins for free, or just add some free spins in the base game instead. Often, these free spins come with extra bonuses attached to them such as multipliers or extra wilds.

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What’s So Great About Free Spins?

They’re spins, that are free. Which means you can effectively win money without spending any money. It’s a no brainer.

Okay, maybe we’re over simplifying it a little bit. More often that not, you’ll need to spend some money in order to get yourself into a position to access those free slot games spins in the first place. This can either be your initial deposit with a casino, where you can win up to that wicked 500 free spins we mentioned earlier, or by spinning the reels in the base game of a slot that offers free spins in order to be taken to that bonus round.

One exception to that is that some online casinos or slot game developers will offer players the opportunity to try out slots for free so that players can decide whether they like them or not before playing. This is pretty cool, especially if you’re a newcomer to the online casino world and are trying to find your taste as a player.

Where Can I Get My Free Spins?

So that 500 free spins we keep on talking about? That’s available at Mega Reel.

To be in with a chance of winning it, you’ll need to place your first deposit with them. So, simply sign up as a customer and place a deposit of £10. After you’ve done this, you’ll be taken to the Mega Reel itself, which you will be able to spin with the hope of winning the top prize. Even if you don’t, there are other cool prizes along the way, such as a £10 Amazon voucher or 20 free spins to play on Fluffy Favourites, one of the coolest slot games of all time.

Mega Reel is a free spins casino - it’s all about free spins. Which is why, on top of its incredible signup offer, it offers a plethora of slot games that have free spins hidden within them. Here’s some of our favourite slots to play that offer great free spins action.

Which Slots Offer the Most Free Spins?

Starburst itself offers loads of great free spins, so if you manage to win that top prize of 500 free spins to play on it, you are more than likely going to unlock some free spins in the game too. At this point, you’ll be absolutely rolling in free spins, so good luck with getting to that position.

Another classic slot with free spins on offer is Rainbow Riches, or its sequels which are also available at Mega Reel such as Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold or Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. This is one of the most notorious slot game franchises ever and we’d be shocked if you had never heard of it. Part of the reason for this is for the wicked free spins action there, so this is another big recommendation from us.

Final Bits About Free Spins

Tactically, the best way to approach this and be in with a chance of maximising your free spins is to shoot for that 500 free spins to play on Starburst. If you don’t get it, just make sure you play slots with the best free spins at Mega Reel with the £10 deposit you put down.