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Casino games free spins that you can only play online

Casino games free spins that you can only play online

Casino games free spins that you can only play online

The ingenuity brought by casino games free spins blog has led to a sporadic change in the outcome of many casino games. Many players now visit casino sites with high hopes of winning with their cash or at least winning with the free spins awarded by casinos.

These casino games free spins have become much more lively and fun when played online as opposed to physical casinos strictly so-called. Thus, this article seeks to explain some casino games free spins that are only available to players online, with a view to helping them master how free spins function.

Casino games free spins that players can only play online

Welcome deposit bonus free spins

Most casinos provide welcome deposit bonuses to their new players as a sort of welcome offer to keep these players on their sites. Welcome deposit bonuses are awarded after a new player makes some deposits on the casino platform. Deposit bonus casino games free spins differ from casinos to casinos, but one thing is certain among them in all casinos. These casino games free spins must be played online and are never to be taken out of the platform of the provider. All wins, queries, and payouts are made online via the platform provided by the casino company.

No deposit bonus free spins

As opposed to deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses are awarded upon registering an account with a casino site only. Therefore, a player does not need to deposit any dime before claiming the no-deposit bonuses. Like the deposit bonus, however, the no-deposit casino games free spins have to and must be played online. In fact, all activities surrounding such free spins such as spinning the reels, winning and cashing out wins are made online.

Existing deposit bonus free spins

Existing deposit bonuses are offered to existing players at a casino site. These bonuses usually include casino games free spins (though not as much as welcome deposit bonus free spins), which must necessarily be played online to be effective. All activities revolving around this kind of bonus have to be executed online.

Promotional free spins

Part of what gives a casino an edge over others, other than its selection of slot games is the kind of promotions it offers to players. When promotions are quite attractive and wonderful, players tend to stick around and have a go at them. Part of such promotions is casino games free spins, which may be awarded to some or all classes of players at the casino. Like all other bonuses, promotional free spins are restricted to online activities, and players are not allowed to go beyond that.   

VIP and Loyalty free spins

 VIP and Loyalty free spins bonuses are exclusive bonuses awarded to some classes of players at a casino site primarily to have them continuing to patronize the casino. Any casino games free spins awarded during this period must be played only online. Find online slots here.

Our conclusion

Several mobile casino games free spins are only playable online. So it is advised that players read the terms and conditions of each free spins offer before accepting them. Meanwhile, you are free to check out the highest casino games free spins and slug them out.     

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