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Bingo For Beginners

Bingo For Beginners

Since its inception, games and gambling has always been loved by many of us across the world and over, and in particular it would be fair to say that bingo has always held a place in our hearts since it was introduced to the masses in 16-century Italy. Back then, the game we all know now as bingo varied a little, and it was known locally as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia and it was this kind of lottery and bingo game which still has some similarities to the traditional and classic 90-ball version of the game that we all know and enjoy playing today. Rewind life a decade or two, and you will remember that it was the normal thing to do than to head down to the pub or to your local casino and enjoy a game or two playing with a fruit machine, or place a bet down on the latest football game. We all still like to do this today, except the format in which we enjoy these games has changed - and even in the coastal areas, you will see that there are a huge range of arcades lining the pier which a huge range of games which have probably been there for longer than you have been alive - further proving that there are no exceptions to the rule - city, town or country/seaside, we all love to game and gamble every now and again. Play bingo games at the UK's fastest-growing free slots casino, Mega Reel!

How online bingo happened

There are also many bingo halls around, which have stood the test of time and been around for so many years that a lot of them still line the high streets and suburban villages across the UK where a lot of us like to go to enjoy eating, socialising, drinking and maybe winning some money too. While bingo did use to be associated to the more mature gamers and gambling folk among us, the rise of online gaming has meant that there are now players of bingo from every kind of walk of life and from and to any age as players game online more and more with many different kinds of devices. 

Learn online bingo lingo

Although there is a huge amount of different variations of bingo games to be played online, the classic 90-ball game version still reigns supreme, and if you have not played bingo before or you simply want to brush up your knowledge, it would be a good idea to learn the terms frequently used in bingo so that you can get the most out of it. Play free casino games uk on Mega Reel!

90 balls mean basically, the classic version of the game - this version has got a total of 90 balls, which range from 1 to 90 and these are all popped into a digital bingo machine and then randomly picked one by one. 

Bingo cards are what you need to actually play bingo, and you need at least one of these bad boys to take part, each of the cards has got three columns and nine rows and within each of these your card will have five numbers and four blank blocks. 

The Bingo pot is, in simple terms, how much you are able to win in one game of bingo and this is set out by the pot. The way this works is by the sales of bingo tickets being put into a pot and this is then spread out to the players who win. So. If 20 players each buy a ticket that costs 50 pence each then the pot gains a total of £10. And, like the traditional bingo hall, online bingo sites take a small percentage of this pot in order to cover their costs. 

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The Random numbers means that your bingo card will get random numbers which range from 1 to 90 but the same two numbers can not show up on the same individual card and in total, each of the cards consists of 15 individual numbers. 

Drawn balls means that the game is going to start as the first number has been drawn at random from the bingo machine which is basically running the game and the odds, and if this drawn number happens to be one which has appeared on one of the bingo cards in your hand then you will mark this with a pen, except of course with online bingo where this is automatically done for you when this happens. 

A-Line is when you start to match more and more numbers and you are then at the point when you are aiming to get a line, and a line is where you are in a position to match all of the numbers that you have got simply on one row, and then when you do this you get the chance to shout bingo. That would be the case in a traditional bingo hall anyway, as you will be playing bingo online, however, the win is instead automatically registered by whichever platform you are playing with, and by doing so you then win the line prize pot which is a small amount of the bingo pot total. 

The House is what occurs once the lined pot has been won, and it essentially means that the game will go on, but with the exception that this time you are in the position to aim to win the big main prize, and this prize is known as the house - in order to win this house, you need to match up all of the 15 numbers that you can find on a single card, and once you do this, you will win the remaining amount of the prize pot. 

The Winnings is a pretty self-explanatory one and this term basically means that the main house has been won and so the winnings are then to be distributed/ given out to the two winners to have played that game - the line winners and house winners - and when that is done, it is time for the next bingo game to be played. 

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