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Bingo - A Complete Guide

Bingo - A Complete Guide

If you are an avid gamer it will not come as news to you that the world of bingo gaming is on the rise as the digital boom continues in the world and gaming industry in particular, as the influx of slot games continues to grow and everything else continues to shift over to the digital world. It would make sense, as bingo is and has always been one of the most popular and famous games out there to play and win from, and the kinds of prizes on offer too have always made it that little bit more fun and appealing, drawing in all kinds of players who like to gamble - from grandmas to grandkids and everyone else in between. The way that the game of bingo works is another aspect that may attribute to the game of bingo’s overall popularity as well, as you can get a win if the player managed to match numbers on their cards with those which have been drawn by the caller, and this is of course all by chance. And then once that has been done, the way to win and the person who wins is the first one who managed to complete a pattern, and when they do they are then required to shout out bingo and once this has been checked through by the bingo hall game officials then they are determined the winner if al is in order. Once they have been chosen as the winners of the round of bingo which has been played, they will then be in to win a cash prize or some other kind of prize in reward, and not only that but the patterns can also vary during a game of bingo and this helps to keep the gameplay fun and engaging as the game goes on. Play bingo at Mega Reel!

What is the game of Bingo’s origins?

You can trace bingo right back to as early as 1530 in the timeline of humanity, and historians who have done this widely agree that this is acceptable. It is also widely accepted amongst the history community that the game of bingo is of Italian beginnings, and started initially as a game of chance which was known then as Lo Giuoco del Lotta D’Italia, and this game is actually still played in Italy every Saturday. After the game got a lot of traction in Italy, it was then taken to France and introduced to the mainstream in the late 70s, and it was here in France that Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia begun to be known as Le Lotto instead. Back then in France, Bingo or, Le Lotto was a game that as only played by rich French men. After the popularity of this game grew in France it was then taken to Germany, and their German people played a variation of the game which was used by children to learn maths, spelling and history. This fun and the popular game then continued to grow even further, making its way over to the US where it evolved into something closer to what we know now, and titled Beano. The way Beano worked was by the dealer choosing discs which had been numbered in a cigar box and the players then marked their cards with beans and shouted out Beano if they got a win. 

Bingo popularity 

Bingo is one of the more popular games that is usually played simply for recreational therapy and it is also a great way to get people to socialise one way or another in particularly those who would not normally socialise, and the prizes on offer are also great. That is one of the reasons why bingo is a great one to play if you are in a nursing home, as it is one of the most easy to play and accessible games out there which can be operated by just a couple of staff members and played and understood by many different kinds of people. 

The overall history of Bingo

Although we are now aware that bingo came from Italy and France, it is widely accepted that the bingo game that we all know and love to play today had been made famous however in a different way - by an Edwin S Lowe, and while it can be hard to credit such things to one person, it would make sense as it was in the US that the version of the game we know today was made up and popularised. At the time, Edwin was a toy salesman from NYC - but a failing one at that. Determined to make more of a living, he started to play and run a more fun variation of the game which got popular - and that was the birth of beano. 

In this format of playing the Italian version of the bingo game, the bingo that we all know now had begun. This type of bingo introduced by Lowe started to be a sweeping success and by the mid-30s there were bingo games all over truth country, and churches and social clubs soon got wind of the fundraising potential that can be seen in the bingo game. Nowadays, we can find the same joy by playing bingo online, which many of us prefer to do anyway - the rules are the same, yet the game is just easier to access online as it is all there for us to play and cash in on from the comfort of our own homes. The game of bingo is still popular across many different nations and it is played now by all kinds of people from all kinds of social backgrounds, and the rules are all pretty much the same no matter where it is played. Across history, as a human race we have always enjoyed playing games and gambling - especially in the UK, and since the idea of gaming and online gaming - and of course bingo - cam about, we have all been tempted to place some bets down on the footy or have a go at some of the fruit machines in the pub. Not only that, but even down on the coastlines you will find arcades lining the piers with a wide number of gaming options inside, and there are no exceptions to the rule - we all like to game, gamble and have a bit of fun from time to time. Then we have the bingo halls, and these have been popular for decades now, lining every high street all across the UK and giving many of us a social space outside of the normal pubs and bars where we can also be in with a shot of winning some real money. 

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How did online bingo come about?

Now in 2019, this world-famous and favourite game has managed to go even more mainstream than it ever has before, with all kinds of players enjoying the game from the young to the old, with all kinds enjoying to play the game online too and that makes sense as we all like to play games that can win us money. It would make sense too that Bingo is so popular in the UK, as it would be fair and accurate to say that the UK nation and its nationals love to gamble, and it is a fun past time that we all like to indulge in to relax and unwind after a hard day of work that does not involve drinking alcohol or anything else that would be bad for us. Another part of the reason that bingo games have gotten so popular is due to the amazing amount of gaming options that are now available easily at our fingertips at the click of a button, and this easy access is all the more inviting when you want to play a game online, as it is easy to do so, and there are many online casinos which feature plenty of bingo rooms where you can play any kind of bingo game that you like. 

Where did the infatuation with online bingo begin?

The story of where bingo has come from varies throughout the world, from one history expert to the next, and as you may have expected this is generally the way things go when you talk about anything to do with history. At least there is some light though, and it is widely accepted that the game of bingo does go back to the roots in 16-century Italy, and it is this kind of lottery bingo game that holds the most similarities to the regular 90-ball bingo game that we all like to play today. Back then, the way that bingo was played involved bingo cards had nine vertical rows and three horizontal rows and then the pot would be paid to the first player who could get all of the subsequent numbers in a horizontal row. Four hundred years later and bingo started getting traction in the UK world when it was regulated under official authority, after which, as you would have expected, thousands of old school bingo halls started popping up across the country and millions of brits were able to enjoy the games and get a membership to their local hall.

Ironically, although online bingo is loved today, one of the biggest attractions for players who enjoyed bingo was how sociable the bingo hall was and still is - from door to door. It is usually the norm for players to head to the bingo hall with friends and family as it was then. And this experience was complimented with food and drinks delivered to the tables, and so it was that weekends down the pub were exchanged for weekends playing 90-ball bingo in the bingo hall. But, as we mentioned, now that online bingo wears the crown over the bingo hall it is only a matter of time before the traditional bingo hall becomes a memory - or a block of flats. That said, it has gone online, and players can now play bingo games up to 24 hours a day without even leaving home, and most online bingo is now accessible online and has been optimised brilliantly for this too. Receive up to 500 free spins slots when you register and deposit at Mega Reel!

Basic online bingo lingo

Despite there being a huge amount of alternative bingo games available to play online, the classic 90-ball game version still reigns supreme, and if you have not played bingo before or you simply want to brush up your knowledge, it would be a good idea to learn the terms frequently used in bingo so that you can get the most out of it. 90 Balls means basically, the classic version of the game - this version has got a total of 90 balls, which range from 1 to 90 and these are all popped into a digital bingo machine and then randomly picked one by one. Bingo Cards are what you need to actually play bingo, and you need at least one of these bad boys to take part, each of the cards has got three columns and nine rows and within each of these your card will have five numbers and four blank blocks. The Bingo pot is, in simple terms, how much you are able to win in one game of bingo and this is set out by the pot. The way this works is by the sales of bingo tickets being put into a pot and this is then spread out to the players who win. So. If 20 players each buy a ticket that costs 50 pence each then the pot gains a total of £10. And, like the traditional bingo hall, online bingo sites take a small percentage of this pot in order to cover their costs. The Random numbers means that your bingo card will get random numbers which range from 1 to 90 but the same two numbers can not show up on the same individual card and in total, each of the cards consists of 15 individual numbers. 

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