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Best Free Spins Rounds in Slots Today

Best Free Spins Rounds in Slots Today

Best Free Spins Rounds in Slots 2020

In 2020, online slots are still going strong with sites like Mega Reel.

Online slot machines and online video slots have come an amazingly long way since the humble fair machine that sued to flicker in the corners of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars, with the onion version very much innovating the very concept of a slot machine and taking it to new levels once only dreamed of for the format and it’s fanbase.

As such, online slots are very much a sensation online and this is down to many factors. The most obvious one of these factors is of course the rise and rise of smartphone use and then, alongside this, the rise and rise of online smartphone gambling. More people play on smartphones these days than anywhere else and the online slot game is finely tuned to this popular platform.

But another reason for the popularity of slot games in 2020 is down to the amount of bonuses that can be earned and enjoyed with the most useful of these and the most common of these bonuses being the free spins rounds that are found across the online slot game scene.

In this brief list of the best free spins rounds in slots 2020, we have some timeless games that have stood the test of time to still be leading the way in terms of slot games even as we enter this new decade. And the main reason for their timeless nature is surely their amazing free spins bonuses.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

We start our list with a truly iconic game from a famous series of slot games that date back to offline, land based slot machines, too. We are of course talking about Barcrest’s beloved Rainbow Riches series of slot games that involve Irish themes and some amazing bonus features. The best of all, in our humble opinion, can be found in Rainbow Riches Free Spins, where the free spins have the potential to go on and on and on.

With free spins rounds that offer the chance to win more free spins, there are up to 999 free spins to be used at once in this game, making for one of the bets free spins bonuses of all time.


Another really well known and very popular online slot game, the free spins in Cleopatra are a great way to up your wins.

This is not just because of the large amount of them that can be won at any time, or even the fact that you can win more free spins with your free spins. But also because they have lovely multipliers attached, so you when you win with a free spin, you win bigger than normal. One of the best free spins rounds in slot games, for sure. Thanks, Cleo!

Starburst Free Spins Slot

Our final choice is one of the most popular slot games of all time. Not only does this game offer a free spins bonus, but so many online casinos offer free spins on this slot as a welcome bonus. So, Starburst is all about free spins, as long as you find a good deal.

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