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Best 3 Reel Slots No Download

3 Reel Slot Games

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It isn’t hard for players to find a slot game that suits their play style. The online casino boom of the early 2000s made it easy for game developers to digitise and create online slots based on the customer’s needs.

At Mega Reel, there are over six hundred slot games, each with a different theme, stakes level and playstyle. One factor that significantly changes the gameplay in a slot is the number of reels. A slot can feature three, five, six or infinite reels, but we are here to discuss three-reel slots. So what are the best 3 reel slots no download?

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What are 3 Reel Slots?

3 reel slots are possibly the oldest version of the game. Unfortunately, physical slot games were limited by space. This meant that the developers had to keep the reel count low. Therefore, more often than not, fruit machine games often took centre stage when they moved 3 reel slots online.

Features of 3 Reel Slots

The number of reels can affect how a slot game plays. So, how does having only three reels change the gameplay?

  1. First of all, 3 reel slots tend to be higher stakes. This is because there are only three adjacent reels to match symbols across. Therefore, there are fewer possible outcomes. Players will find that 3 reel slots are likely to feature a lower variance and a lower RTP rate.
  2. Second, 3 reel slots have more enormous jackpots. Since it is harder to win in these games, the prize for perseverance is bigger. 3 reel slots feature a huge max jackpot that is almost impossible to reach. This may be because of the origins of the game. Fruit machines used to belong in pubs. If other patrons witness a player winning big, they are far more likely to hop on the machine and play for themselves. This jackpot feature also made it into the 3 reel online slots.
  3. The third feature might seem like a downside, but some players prefer their slots this way. 3 reel slots are known for not having many bonus features. The 3 reel physical games were limited by space, which means they couldn’t feature any other type of game. 3 reel slots are your basic place a deposit and spin to match pay lines game. More developers include bonus features in 3 reel slots now that they are featured online, but some still stick to the classic formula.
  4. Lastly, we often refer to 3 reel slots as fruit machines, even though not all feature a fruit-based theme. This name also comes from physical machines. The land-based slot games needed to be bright and alluring, which made the developers implement colourful fruit symbols onto the reels to draw in players. While not all 3 reel slots have fruits in their design, it is very common. Therefore, we refer to them as fruit slots.

Online 3 reel slots do not have to implement all of these features, but the chances are that you will encounter one in this type of game. Now we understand the premise; what are the best 3 reel slots?

The Best 3 Reel Slots to Play Instantly Online

Before we get into anything related to downloads, let’s get into the best 3 reel slots that you can find online.

Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a 3x3 slot game released by Play N Go in 2016. The aim of the game is to spin the reels and match three identical symbols across a pay line. Bets can range from 5p to £100 per spin, and the max jackpot stands at £80,000.

The Fire Joker slot game gets its theme from its most prominent symbol, the joker. This symbol is the most lucrative one in the game and acts as the wild, substituting regular symbols to help complete pay lines. The other symbols are comprised of fruit symbols, as we mentioned above.

The variance in Fire Joker is medium, and the RTP rate sits at 94.23%. This means that players are likely to win little amounts, but the larger jackpots aren’t unachievable. This slot also features a bonus wheel as part of the bonus content, shaking things up from traditional 3 reel slots.

Alchemists Lab

The Alchemists Lab slot from Playtech highlights the small nature of the 3 reel slot. This slot only features one bet way, and the max bet is just £3 per spin. As expected, there aren’t any bonus features in this slot apart from the scatter symbol, which pays out regardless of whether it is in a pay line.

Where Alchemists Lab differs from its other 3 reel counterparts is in its design. The action takes place in a murky lab, with the 3D reels bringing everything to life. The wins are even displayed in a magical bottle.

Fans of traditional 3 reel slots will appreciate the £30,000 max jackpot, but the RTP rate is higher than normal at 96.39%. So perhaps Alchemists Lab is the perfect 3 reel slot for beginners.

Triple Diamond

Slot games, or gambling in general, has always been associated with massive wealth. It is unsure as to why, as most players only win small amounts, but that is still the case and represented perfectly in the Triple Diamond slot from IGT.

As high stakes slots go, none do it better than Triple Diamond. Players can bet up £9000 for a single spin, and the max jackpot amount sits at a lofty £250,000,000. As we have already mentioned, most slot players do not win anything even close to this amount, especially since the RTP in this game is 96.5%, but it is nice to see the developers giving high stakes players a shot.

The high jackpot is indicative of a 3 reel slot, but then again, so is having no bonus features. Sadly, there are none to be found in this bling-themed game.

Thor Infinity Reels

This slot is a bit of an anomaly, but Thor Infinity Reels from Reel Play starts with 3 reels and four rows. We say starts because Thor Infinity Reels has a feature where the reels will expand by one every time the player lands a win. These reels can expand to an infinite number, making the number of ways to win endless.

The infinity reels mechanic does make this slot different from more traditional 3 reel slots. First off, this slot is full of bonus features. For example, players can engage in re-spins, symbols multiplier and a jackpot feature. Also, Thor Infinity Reels has high variance, meaningthat low-value pay lines will regularly form, so that players will often experience small wins, rather than one large jackpot found in most 3 reel slots. This statement is supported by the game’s RTP rate of 96.2%, which is just above the current industry average.

Don’t let the variance fool you, though. The max jackpot in Thor Infinity Reels is still £242,200 when played at the max bet of £40 per spin.

2021 Hit Slot

The most recent 3 reel slot on this list, 2021 Hit Slot, is actually the most retro. This 3x3 slot game has a fruity theme that features all of the classic symbols, such as cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, melons, stars and red sevens. These symbols spin across three reels placed on a gold background. As such, we can see how the developer, Endorphina, has let the gameplay speak for itself.

The 2021 Hit Slot has no bonus features; however, players can use the gamble feature to double their win or lose everything. Bets start from 5p per spin, and the max jackpot is only £500 per spin. The RTP rate sits exactly on the average for current online slots at 96%, calculated across 1,000,000 spins of the game, which means most players will only experience small, regular wins.

Monster Madness

Just because a slot is more traditional in its gameplay style does not mean that it needs to have a bland design. Monster Madness from Tom Horn Gaming is the perfect example of this statement.

This 3x3 game has eight bet ways and a max bet of £1 per spin. However, the best part of this slot is definitely its animated graphics. The game features colourful monsters that brim with personality. These characters show up at times to engage with the reels, and some of them make up the symbols.

Monster Madness also features a free spins round, something not seen often in 3 reel slots. Players need to land three scatters on a spin to receive some free spins, which gives the purse a nice break. It isn’t much, but this bonus is a nice deviation from most 3 reel slots.

When looking at all of these 3 reel slots, we can see that each one is different. Therefore, it shows that just because 3 reel slots share some similar features, they can still be wildly different.

So, what is the best way to play these 3 reel slots?

No download 3 Reel Slots

The internet is not only available in one place anymore. Almost 80% of Brits own a smartphone, a device that allows users to log in to casino sites anywhere they happen to be. So long as they have an internet connection, of course. Tablet devices also feature this capability.

As such, the player can play any of the 3 reel slots they wish without the need to download them. Downloadable slots may have had a use twenty years ago when the only way to play online slots was at a desktop, but now things have changed.

If you have a mobile device with a browser, then you can play any of the best 3 reel slots no download. This is especially true when we take into account the Mega Reel app.

Mega Reel Casino Mobile App

It has become the norm for online casinos to feature an app that houses all of their games in one place. These apps remove the need for players to visit their browser or download their slot games.

Just one click on the Mega Reel app gives you access to their entire catalogue of slots while you are out and about. You can register your payment details to ensure that you are safe when making deposits. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about corrupted files or storage space like you do with downloadable slots.

Mega Reel is a popular and reliable gambling platform that houses over 600 online slots. However, you will need to register to be able to play on our site.

Where Can I Play 3 Reel Slots No Download Online?

Mega Reel is available to fill all of your online slot gaming needs. Whether you want to play some classic three-reel slots or one of our other casino games, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Mega Reel.

Signing up for Mega Reel takes less than five minutes, and you can do so by:

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Our new players can even participate in our welcome offer. This bonus allows players to win up to 500 free spins on select games (full terms and conditions apply). However, if you want to start playing some of those 3 reel slots, no download, you are more than welcome at Mega Reel.


Here we have a comprehensive list of the best 3 reel slots and why you should play them. Of course, the 3 reel structure isn’t for everyone, but one thing remains clear. Players are better off playing at Mega Reel for the best 3 reel slots, no download.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.