25 Card Cash

25 Card Cash is not your average slot game. Rather it takes the traditional and popular scratch approach of a card game but incorporates many features of a slot game. It͛s very simple, playable for beginners and experts alike and winning is easy. So, if you are after something simple, classy and pays well, this is the game for you. Put on your poker face and get playing.

About the Developer

IWG Gaming are known for creating games that are unique and one-of-a kind. With ten years of experience, they have created over 100 titles that have been hosted on multiple platforms. They are focused on keeping up with the latest technologies, so you can be assured their games are sleek, slick and incorporate the best technologies out there to enhance your gaming experience.

Some of their titles include: Cash Buster, Bang for your Buck and Lucky Picks. They also offer branded games such as Monopoly.

About the Game

25 Card Cash is a card game of chance. The premise of the game is straightforward but it can be played by both new players and more experienced ones. It is ideal for those leading a busy lifestyle and looking for a quick, easy and decent card gaming experience. To give an idea of the winnings available, for every £100 bet, you will get a return of £90.96 due to the 90.96% return to player rate.

On the screen are 25 cards. All you need to do is flip them one by one, and if you get 3,4 or 5 similar simples across a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line, you win. If you want to take the quick option, simply click ͚Reveal All͛ and the cards will be flipped over for you, revealing instant wins.

The graphics are crisp with a simple colour theme of black and red that keeps your focus on the game. There are a few pulsing lights to jazz it up, but overall, it is relatively simplistic in style.

Two of the game͛s noteworthy features include:

·GOLD CARD BONUS GAME - this is triggered by picking a Gold Card out of the deck before you. Once this card has been flipped, you can continue to keep flipping the cards until you score the card with Collect on it. Each card will add on to your total, and when the collect card is found, it will total them all up.

·BONUS GAME - this feature is triggered by selecting 3 cards with a wheel symbol on them. Once collected, you simply spin the wheel on screen and wait to see what it lands on next.

The Verdict

This game is an interesting play on a traditional slot game, incorporating some of the features found in slot gaming, such as a bonus game and wins across horizontal lines, but it also uses the premise of a traditional poker game. It͛s a game anyone can play and there͛s a decent chance of winning.